Why Melbourne United VIP seats & boxes provide the ultimate game-day experience

October 1, 2018

Why Melbourne United VIP seats & boxes provide the ultimate game-day experience

We could list a million reasons why Melbourne United VIP seats and boxes corporate hospitality packages provide the best sports entertainment experience you will find in Melbourne. A day or evening at our home games is unlike anything else. We thought we would break it down and tell you our top reasons why our seats and boxes are where you should be spending your time this summer.

You will not get any closer to sporting action than you will from our courtside VIP seats. Referred to as Celebrity Row, Row B and Row C our courtside seating puts you right in the heart of the action. So close that the odds of the ball or a player landing on your lap are very high so hold on to your drinks. Being so close to the action you will find yourself fully immersed – pyrotechnics aside you will feel the heat from your seat and will undeniably be in the ultimate position with the ideal game-day package.

So, what do you get with your VIP seating or box? This is a question only you can answer because you have the power to choose! Our VIP seats and boxes can be paired with any of our Hospitality options – All Star, Melbourne Lounge or Chairman’s Lounge packages. On top of those packages you shall also receive merchandise discounts, VIP entry, and most importantly – the best seat in the house.

Our all-inclusive hospitality offerings set us apart from other sports. To enhance your experience we ensure the planning process is pain-free with everything arranged before game-day by our dedicated team. The beauty of what we do is the flexibility that we can offer. From formal, high energy sporting functions to casual, relaxed courtside settings. Our hospitality options allow you to tailor your game-day experience to your liking.
All Star is our base level package and includes courtside beverages, food vouchers for the concourse outlets and game-day entertainment.
Melbourne Lounge is the perfect way to impress clients, reward staff or entertain your family & friends. With entry 2 hours pre-game to enjoy a premium dining experience, drinks served courtside, a post-game function with dessert and a visit from the players, this option is our most popular package.
In our Chairman’s Lounge you will get to enjoy a premium sit down dining experience before each game and hear from personalities and celebrities at pre-game functions. You will be spoilt with the sights and sounds of the best live entertainment that Australian sport has to offer, concluding with a post-game function attended by players and coaches.
So, pick your package, pick your seat, and you’re set for an unforgettable experience.

Whether you are in individual seats or an 8-person box Melbourne United home games are perfect for families. From the moment you arrive at Melbourne Arena there is something for children at every touch-point. The outer stadium concourse is jam packed with activations – a half-court basketball game, hip-hop dancers, cheerleaders, jumping castles, interactive game & more. Once inside, you will find mascots, merchandise stalls, giveaways, face painting, more dancers, thundersticks and clappers. The fun doesn’t stop there – the good times roll right from the start of the 20 minute pre-game show, and throughout the duration of the game! Our aim since becoming Melbourne United has been to create the best family-friendly sporting entertainment this city has to offer.
So, whether you are taking your family out for the day, or treating a colleague or client’s family, there will be smiles on everyone’s faces from the minute they walk in to the arena to the minute they walk out. It is a winning combination.

At our Melbourne Arena home games you will be given a unique platform for networking and exposing your business. Corporate Hospitality at sporting events can be used in a multitude of ways – to reward staff, nurture relationships with clients or key suppliers, as an internal incentive or to treat friends & family. At our club we maintain strong strategic commercial partnerships & connect with a vast community of businesses. Our pre and post-game functions provide you with a platform to mingle with these businesses. To compliment these networking opportunities, your business can also receive exposure through corporate box signage which will display not only to the Arena but also our broadcast audience. Our networking and exposure will set you apart from the competition.

Our final reason why our Corporate Hospitality is the best game-day experience is that basketball is different. It’s not your typical day out. Basketball is an indoor sport providing a solution to Melbourne’s often unpredictable weather. But let’s not overlook the 2 games per season when it is 35 degrees outside and we are safe to open the roof. These are always a season highlight and really embody what Summer sport is all about. Over roughly two hours, you are guaranteed to see high intensity plays, big personalities, non-stop entertainment, and experience one of the best sporting atmospheres this country has to offer. Our games will always give you more than what you had hoped to see and ensure your time and money spent has been worth every cent.

Coming off the back of the club’s first NBL Championship as Melbourne United there has never been a better time to become part of our corporate family. Join us in 2018-19 as we aim to go back to back; it truly is unlike anything else!

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