Courtside catch-up with EXELNetwork’s Jason Kiekebosch

August 23, 2019

Courtside catch-up with EXELNetwork’s Jason Kiekebosch

There’s something for everyone with Melbourne United’s range of corporate packages. For those looking to impress corporate clients or reward staff, the offerings and service are world-class, not to mention the incredible on-court product. For those looking to attend the game with family and friends, our packages can be tailored to suit your needs too.


Jason Kiekebosch, Owner/Director of EXELNetwork, has long attended Melbourne United games, but last season he decided to take his United experience to the next level with three Row B seats paired to a Melbourne Lounge package.

The Melbourne Lounge offers pre-game dining with carvery stations, drinks served courtside with beer, wine and soft drinks available throughout the duration of functions, and the post-game function includes dessert and supper options plus a visit from players and coaches.

“Last season was the first season we had courtside seats, prior to that we were just attending most games with general admission tickets or whatever we could get our hands on,” Jason said.

“We went to every game last season.”

Jason didn’t regret his investment and found it a great way to spend quality time with his wife and son (pictured in the main photo).

“We’d been really enjoying going to the games, and I think for me, the thing that really pushed me over the edge was that my wife and son both love it as much as I do,” he said.

“It’s kind of the one thing we can all do as a family, and at the moment we’ve got all these different things on and it’s the one thing that we always look forward to because we can all do it as a family and we all share the same passion.”

As well as the family-orientated aspect, Jason highlighted the networking and business benefits he’s seen too.

“I also use the corporate side as well – the corporate benefits, networking and relationships I’ve built have been great,” he said.

“Overall, it’s a combination of game day experience, the family side of it and the corporate benefits.”

Jason’s Row B seats are some of the very best in the house; on the mid-court line and right in the thick of the action. Whilst the non-stop action on-court is enthralling, the Melbourne Lounge package allows Jason and his family to enjoy a unique mix of luxury and entertainment.

“We always have the meal before we go to our seats and tend to hang around in the lounge to let the traffic dissipate a bit before we leave,” he said.

“My son Brady always likes meeting the players and last season he had a hat that he got every player to sign throughout the season.”

At the Australian Open Game in January, Jason treated his staff to a day out. The staff at EXELNetwork – which includes a printing business (EXELPrint) that produces a range of wristbands, tags and other printed material – enjoyed a day of tennis and basketball.

“We actually had a really cool day and we’re thinking about doing it again this season,” he said.

“We had access to the Australian Open, so we walked around there, the kids went around and saw some of the tennis, then we watched the basketball and it was awesome.”

If you’re interested in taking your Melbourne United game day experience to the next level, click HERE to view our packages or contact one of our Corporate Sales Executives HERE.