Connecting the United in Business community

October 17, 2019

Connecting the United in Business community

United in Business is designed to formally connect Melbourne United’s business community, educate our partners with industry expertise and facilitate real connections and opportunities.

Over two days earlier this week, United in Business hosted its final set of Connection Sessions for 2019, with thanks to Quest NewQuay for hosting our sessions and members.

With 90 businesses – made up of members and their guests – taking part over two days, it was the perfect opportunity to create new connections with business leaders and experts.

Connection Sessions provide access to boardroom-style networking sessions focused on generating relevant introductions and referring quality leads for United in Business members.

“The Connection Sessions are the heart of the United in Business program,” Kate Johnson, loyal UIB member, said.

“These sessions combine formal introductions along with guided group and one-on-one introductions in a welcoming, relaxed environment.”

“Over the past 12 months, I have watched United in Business develop with like-minded business people who not only want to expand their own business connections and sales, but help others in the group with referrals and opportunities.  The first question I hear around the room is ‘how can I help you?’

“It’s through this group that I have made amazing new business contacts and friends as well as an introduction that led me to securing a new role.

“Of all the networking events I have attended over the years, the United in Business Connection Sessions have proven to be the most fruitful for both business growth and professional development.”

For more information on United in Business, contact United in Business Industry and Partnerships Manager Patrick Karnezis HERE.