Base Compression supporting United’s title hopes

April 19, 2022

Base Compression supporting United’s title hopes

Base Compression has been Melbourne United’s Official Compression for the past two NBL seasons and continues to contribute to the team’s high level on-court performance and post-game recovery efforts.

“Our collaboration with this fantastic Australian brand is the perfect fit and offers an even better way to support our athletes,” Said Melbourne United CEO, Nick Truelson.

“BASE Compression have created products designed for performance, durability and quality. This way our athletes can perform their best and recover quickly and safely. The BASE product and brand are built with restoration and regeneration at their core and their environmentally conscious ethos is yet another reason Melbourne United is proud to team up once again,” Said Melbourne United High-Performance Manager, Steve McAdam.

“As a business, BASE Compression are constantly seeking and researching new technologies that enable us – and the industry – to explore more eco-conscious ways to repurpose what is already available,” said Creative Director, Roger Hawke.

“Our mission is to create a leading compression garment that better supports our environmentally sustainable values while never compromising on the quality that we are known for. “

“Our future goal is to repurpose our fabrics and completely refrain from using new materials for our products,” said Hawke. “We believe there is a better, more conscious, way forward and we are working closely with our valued teams and suppliers on how to improve the environmental impact of the factories we trust to make our fabrics and packaging,” explained Hawke.

“We are excited to partner with the entire Melbourne United Team, our collective goals align in so many ways. Together, we believe we can make a difference.”

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